International Program Management

Sharing the Best Ideas in Global PM

At AzTech, we assist program management teams globally. This allows us to benefit from a constant flow of new and innovative ideas from the international EV community.

While the history of EVMS springs from the United States, it also extends to international program management teams — which are responsible for some of the greatest EV successes in the history of complex projects. Our goal is to continually learn from these international success stories while integrating this knowledge into our work helping agencies, organizations, and projects at home and abroad.

How AzTech Can Help

Tracking project performance is a universal need no matter where you are located. Nevertheless, the location of a project can bring unique EV challenges and special performance tracking requirements. AzTech has the international program management experience to help implement EVM on many project types in any region:

  • Federal, Regional, and City Projects: With or without an EVM requirement, AzTech manages big capital projects where delays have a significant impact.
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  • Energy and Climate Projects: AzTech organizes long-range projects that impact nuclear remediation, utilities, alternative fuels, water supply, erosion, and sustainability.
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  • Infrastructure Projects: AzTech is particularly adept at managing projects with many stakeholders such as development, housing, transportation, roads, and bridges.

Why AzTech

AzTech consultants have led EVMS implementations and successful validation of international and multinational defense programs. We’ve helped over a hundred projects across a half dozen countries. Whether you apply standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and their Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the UK’s Association of Project Management (APM) and their Body of Knowledge (APMBoK), the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), or any other international organization, we’re prepared to help. The AzTech team understands the PM landscape. We integrate your PM techniques with other EVM methods to ensure timely and on-budget project delivery.

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