Reviews and Audits

We Turn Audit-Panic Into Audit-Ready

Earned Value reviews, audits, and assessments can be stressful. Depending on the complexity and current status of your project, they can be downright overwhelming. This is mostly because of the sheer volume of data project teams need to prepare along with the many other pressures associated with reviews and audits. Adding these duties on top of day-to-day PM workloads isn’t easy.

If your project is anticipating an audit or review, AzTech can provide the EVM expertise to alleviate any sense of apprehension. Whether you’re a PM, CAM, Project Controls, Finance, or Scheduling Analyst, we can help you get through any of the following challenges:

Why AzTech

With 30-plus years of review experience — with government and industry — we are intimately familiar with processes that both the DOE and DOD use to assess an EVMS. Instead of relying on inadequate fixes created on the fly, we offer a comprehensive solution for getting your team ready for any major review, audit, or assessment.

Our proven methods

By deciphering the significance of EV metrics and implementing data requirements, AzTech provides the decoder ring required for understanding and organizing your data in preparation for all types of upcoming compliance audits and reviews. Our proven methods ensure that project teams find and fix common EVMS review issues such as:

  • Inability to demonstrate corrective actions for the 5 key risk areas.
  • Failed data traces and integration of the six key business systems (threat of invoice withholds).
  • Lack of cost and schedule integration.
  • Inability to generate and analyze performance and compliance metrics.
  • Difficulty interpreting what failed metrics mean and which ones to focus on.
  • Unrealistic or unsubstantiated Performance Measurement Baselines (PMB).
  • Incomplete schedule logic (missing predecessors and successors).
  • Missing internal and external handoffs in the schedule (milestones and logic).
  • Understaffed, overwhelmed, or inadequately trained staff.
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