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Performance-Driven Compliance Sets Our EVMS Consulting Apart

If you want to optimize EVM for a single high-risk or complex project — or an entire project portfolio — AzTech can help. For both government and industry, our EVMS Consultants become a part of your team to set up, streamline, automate, and transform earned value management using proven methodologies. 

Three Ways Projects Succeed (or Fail)

We’ve seen time and again that there are three crucial breakpoints for project success or failure. On the government side, we help agencies conduct major compliance reviews and routine surveillance reviews and assessments. On the industry side, we help DOD or DOE contractors set up a fully compliant Earned Value Management System (EVMS) that sails through an EVMS Compliance Review or Self-Certification.


The first 30 to 60 days of a project set the trajectory for success. Get this right and it pays huge dividends. Get it wrong and recovery is difficult.


Similarly, when the project team nails down the cost, schedule, and technical baseline, you want an extra set of independent eyes to confirm whether you truly have an achievable project on your hands.


AzTech uses performance-driven compliance. This is our unique method for identifying leading versus trailing performance and compliance metrics to ensure you can trust the story your data is telling. 

Why AzTech

With our unique Performance-Driven Compliance approach, our EVMS Consulting team helps with everything to implement a full-up EVM System. This includes selecting or creating the right tools, coaching and training your team, plus documenting and streamlining processes. We navigate manual and automated metrics and set up an EV cadence for monthly reporting and analysis.

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