We Are Technology Agnostic

At AzTech, we have worked with almost every EVM platform on the market. We can use any systems you prefer or help you apply a new piece of technology to achieve your goals.

If you’re new to project management, EVM, and scheduling or want to make a change to your existing technology, we help you select the right solutions and train your team on using them to full effect.

As project management, EVM, and scheduling experts, we know what data to pull and scrub into the software, and how to calibrate the system to produce the metrics you need. Even more important, we know how to interpret and act on those metrics as soon as they arrive.


EVM and PM Essential Technologies

An EV/cost engine is a core piece of EVM software that helps collect baseline budget and earned value data to compare to actual and forecast costs. We then calculate the cost and schedule variances and generate performance and compliance metrics and reports. The most well-known cost engine we use is Deltek’s COBRA.


A scheduling platform helps you build an integrated master schedule of the tasks to complete a project. It helps you establish and manage all links, handoffs, and interdependencies between programs, tasks, dates, and deadlines. It also calculates and forecasts when the project will complete.

The most popular scheduling platforms we use are Microsoft Project and Oracle’s Primavera P6. We also work with cool new tools like Smartsheet. Visit our Scheduling page to learn more.


Analytics platforms collect, normalize, format, aggregate, and analyze project data from diverse business systems that belong to your teams, partners, and contractors. EVM analytics platforms are crucial for calculating performance and compliance metrics, as well as for visualizing, exploring, and interacting with your EVM data in countless ways.

The most popular analytics technologies we use are Microsoft Power BI, Excel, and AzTech’s proprietary analytics tools like our Visually Intelligent Performance Report (VIPR) Run!AzTech for Microsoft Project. We also use other schedule analytics tools like Deltek’s Acumen Fuse and schedule risk assessment tools to run Monte Carlo simulations like Barbecana’s Full Monte and Palisades’ @Risk.

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