EVMS Compliance

From EVMS Standup to 100% Compliance

Are you a CEO, CFO, COO, Business Director or Shareholder preparing for a formal Compliance/Validation Review, or a customer surveillance review? Do you need support for your team during an Implementation or Compliance Review (IR or CR) or Review for Cause (RFC)?

Enlisting AzTech early on will reduce the crunch time later and ease the stress on your project team.

What do you have to lose?

Problems during a compliance review stem from these common issues:
  • Inaccurate Integrated Program Management Reporting
  • Performance and compliance metrics exceeding expected thresholds
  • Missing or inconsistent process documentation or rigor
  • Span of control issues where work is not divided into truly manageable chunks
The result of the above can lead to:
  • Discrepancy reports and corrective action reports
  • Costly and time-consuming corrective action plans with root cause analyses and corrective action tracking
  • A drawn out and costly compliance process

Why AzTech

Compliance is one of our core strengths. Our standardized approach puts your project team at ease and builds confidence. We train up your team, conduct mock audits, mock interviews, and perform rigorous data traces. Our strict timetable yields excellent results for internal and external compliance reviews.

AzTech fosters an atmosphere of success.

Plus, we love working with Project Managers, Control Account Managers (CAMs), and the Analysts and Schedulers who support them!

With decades of experience on both sides of the government-contractor table, we get you audit-ready.

Our Offerings
AzTech Document and Procedures Review

As part of our assessment, we will review the following documents and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the 32 EIA-748 Guidelines:

  • Identify potential findings for each of the 32 EVMS guidelines
  • Provide training for the project team’s knowledge gaps
  • Recommend process improvements
  • Ensure Control Account Managers (CAMs) are ready to answer review questions
  • Find and fix data anomalies
Customized Solutions

We include tools for quick checks, fast fixes, and easy-to-digest metrics.

If you already have a compliant EVMS, find out how we can help you with routine Internal or External (Joint) Surveillance.

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