A master of data, Elias is AzTech International’s Senior Software Developer. He leads what we call our “Magic” team. His mission is to simplify how clients use their data, and to help them maximize its utility and gather key insights from their project – whether that’s through consulting, client software development, or continually refining AzTech tools.

Through a colleague’s recommendation, Elias joined the team and was given the opportunity to expand his skills, picking up more programming languages and aiding in the development of some of our flagship tools. Elias has helped transform AzTech culture with his creative problem-solving, flexible design thinking, and his vision for the future of technology, data, and metrics. He quickly became a key voice in our evolution into a project management services and technology firm. Within AzTech and as a consultant, Elias is quick to synthesize big ideas and cut to the core of any topic to help teams make decisions and generate solutions to complex problems.

When he takes off the wizard’s hat, Elias is a talented musician and enjoys writing both music and fiction. We are lucky to have Elias as part of the team — despite his distaste for olives!

  • The University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Minor in Physics
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