We Can Help You With Master Scheduling

Schedules are foundational to project success. AzTech helps project teams build robust project schedules and maximize their value for project performance and compliance.

Everyone needs a plan.

No one wants a broken one.

In most cases, our approach to scheduling consulting is a process of eliminating the “bad” so the “good” can flourish. Here are the seven schedule sins that we help you eliminate:

  1. Missing work scope and handoffs: Missing work is a deadly sin and missing handoffs is even worse. Both can lead to cost overruns and schedule delays.
  2. Broken or missing links: Missing dependencies between tasks and milestones. Delaying even a single task can slip the entire project.
  3. Bad task names and durations: Duplicate or vague task names and unrealistic task durations hurt schedule validity and credibility.
  4. Hidden deliverables: Hard-to-find deliverables or deadlines that are problematic because they don’t reflect transparency to the scope.
  5. Ignoring risks and opportunities: Failure to dial in risks and opportunities reduces the ability to track failure points and to add work-arounds.
  6. Incorrect schedule status: Status includes a) Progress to date for started, completed, and in-progress work; b) Forecasting remaining work, durations, and forecast dates. Errors make the schedule less predictive and less reliable.
  7. Schedule gathering dust: Failing to use the schedule as an integral management tool is why many projects get off track.

Learn more about why an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) matters and how it differs from an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

Why AzTech?

With over 30 years in project management and scheduling, AzTech was there when many of today’s most popular schedule metrics were created. By using, testing, and perfecting these metrics for decades, we have engineered our own metrics and built them into our proprietary scheduling tools. Our flagship scheduling tool, Run!AzTech, offers composite metrics for schedule Build, Assess, and Perform metrics for an instant health status. We work with all scheduling tools including Oracle’s Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Project Online (Server), Deltek’s Open Plan, and newer tools like SmartSheet.

Our experience ranges across DOD, DOE, and their contractors. We can help you build a robust, single-project Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule (IMP / IMS). Or, we can help agencies or corporations build a Government or Enterprise IMS — as we have for the US Navy’s SAP implementation to developing and assessing schedules across the US Air Force portfolio of programs.

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