Integrated Master Plan

Integrated Master Plan (IMP): Your Schedule Roadmap to Success

The Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is an event-based roadmap for your project. The IMP provides sufficient definition to track required Accomplishments for each Event and to demonstrate satisfied Criteria for each Accomplishment. The top down Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is coded into the more detailed Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). Together, the IMP/IMS create the foundation to manage the technical, schedule, and cost baseline. Without the IMP, it is more difficult to generate a current status of major events and reviews for stakeholders.

Our Approach
Streamline your approach with AzTech’s 5x5 Methodology.
  1. Five conditions that must be satisfied by the IMP.
  2. Five steps in developing an IMP.
  3. Five questions regarding IMP development.
  4. Five most common mistakes in IMP development.
  5. Five templates / samples of the key IMP sections.
IMP Pitfalls

Avoid these 5 common mistakes when creating an Integrated Master Plan (IMP):

  1. Not aligning the IMP to customer events.
  2. Not including all scope and missing detailed entrance and exit criteria.
  3. Not taking the IMP down to right level of detail.
  4. Not applying the IMP in other artifacts.
  5. Not using the IMP to educate and focus the program team.

Why AzTech

For over 30 years, we have helped some of the top defense and energy contractors with their schedule needs. And we have helped government agencies manage large IT projects and schedule analytics for schedule compliance, surveillance, and performance. Try our demonstrated methodology and automation for IMP development.

Our Offerings

AzTech provides the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) roadmap definition during the Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quote (RFQ) phase or immediately after contract award. AzTech’s 5×5 Methodology ensures IMP integration with the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

AzTech IMP Automation Provides:
  • A standardized approach to ensure the IMP includes:
    • Program Events
    • Significant Accomplishments
    • Accomplishment Criteria
  • Simple IMP and IMS integration.
  • Standardized stakeholder reporting.
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