Integrated Baseline Review

Integrated Baseline Review (IBR): Do We Have an Executable Project?

An Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) is a required EVM assessment between a contractor and the customer (often the government). It typically takes place within 6 months of project go-ahead. The IBR comes after months of hard work to establish a realistic, achievable, and sound baseline–it’s not a big bang event (a common misconception).

For inexperienced or busy project teams, AzTech support can get you IBR-ready for these events that can call for an IBR:

  • After contract award.
  • After exercising significant contract options.
  • After major contract modifications occur.

7 Signs your Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) is NOT ready for an IBR:

  1. Improper planning for execution (insufficient detail).
  2. Missing or duplicated technical work scope.
  3. Incomplete key project milestones, deliverables, and handoffs.
  4. Lack of integration between the technical work scope, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS).
  5. Inadequate objective measurement of work progress.
  6. No Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA) conducted prior to the IBR.
  7. Lack of baseline updates when significant contract scope, schedule, or cost changes arise.

Why AzTech

With over 30 years of experience supporting project teams and conducting IBRs, AzTech quickly identifies any gaps and gets your team IBR-ready. We evaluate key IBR risk categories that projects face:

  • Technical (Scope).
  • Schedule (Achievable dates, driving and critical paths).
  • Resources (Adequate staffing, all cost elements covered).
  • Cost (Sufficient budgets including Management Reserve).
  • Management (Processes in place and rigor demonstrated by trained project team).
Our Offerings

AzTech’s comprehensive approach addresses the review process, training, mock interviews, data and metrics validation, data traces, and scoring IBR-readiness. We can help with any of the following:

Conduct schedule deep dive

Scheduling Services

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Services


Perform an EVMS assessment

EVMS Consulting


Audit key IBR artifacts

We help our clients with Control Account Plans (CAPs) and Work Authorization Documents (WADs)

Automate or streamline monthly cadence

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Evaluate the Risk Management Plan

We help our clients evaluate their Risk Management Plans

Conduct a Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA)

Schedule Risk Assessment

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