Program Management Careers — Help Us Improve the World Through Project Management

Improving the world through project management is an ambitious goal. Yet over the last 30 years, AzTech has helped countless PM teams achieve awe-inspiring goals. In these endeavors, we have also skyrocketed the program management careers of the dedicated AzTech professionals who worked on those projects — and the list continues to grow.

At AzTech, we believe in the highest ideals of service, listening, innovation, and loyalty. While this translates into a deep work ethic and commitment to our clients, it doesn’t prevent us from having some fun in the process. When you join AzTech, you join a passionate team of industry veterans, who bring a wealth of PM expertise to the table — in addition to the great spirit of doing things just a little bit differently, a lot more creatively, and who never forget to make it fun!

We look for the following qualities in our team members:

  • A desire to work hard, develop, and grow
  • A habit of ‘geeking out’ on EVMS and scheduling challenges
  • A knack for seeing both the micro and macro perspectives in project management
  • An appreciation for listening skills, curiosity, and the wisdom that good questions yield positive results
  • A goal to join a close-knit and focused team of professionals
  • An ability to work on high-stakes, high-risk, and complex projects
  • A willingness to get directly involved in all aspects of your job and deal with people directly
  • A natural skill and patience for coaching, mentoring, and guiding EV and Scheduling newbies along their journey to mastery
  • A creative spirit, a passion for learning, and the desire to make PM interesting, exciting, and fun
  • A deep love, recognition, and appreciation for why program management careers are important for helping the world achieve its highest ambitions and goals

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