Establishing the Metrics of Success for EVMS, Integrated Master Schedules, and Earned Value Management Consulting for Over 30 years

Earned Value Management has been the standard of excellence for government projects for nearly 60 years. AzTech has been here for more than 30 of those years, playing an active role in steering, guiding, and shaping some of the most important moments in EVM history.

For AzTech, the history of EVM is rooted in defense contracts. Supporting government agencies and private contractors, we honed our skills to exceed performance objectives in high-risk and complex projects. With proven results and a reputation for helping project teams flourish, we’ve been invited to collaborate and consult with highly esteemed federal agencies and private companies around the world on critical, large-scale defense, energy, and infrastructure programs.

Why AzTech?

We specialize in Earned Value Management, Project Controls, and Integrated Master Schedule development with a constant eye on performance. Supporting hundreds of projects, we provide balanced support to both Government and Contractors and understand the nuances of each unique project.

How AzTech Can Help

Whether you’re managing a defense program within the US DOD, engaging in a remediation project at the US DoE — or grappling with an international IT or infrastructure project — AzTech brings the industry experience required to bridge any staffing, tool, process, or knowledge gaps in your EVMS and Integrated Master Schedules.

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