Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Power Platform suite in the Business Intelligence market. Put simply, BI is about visual data discovery, enhanced analytics, and interactive dashboards. And Power BI is, as of January 2022, Gartner’s most capable and complete BI platform on the market. 

And for good reason.

At AzTech, we try to stay tool agnostic, but we are betting on Power BI to transform the PM and EV world from old school charts and tables into stunning visualizations. Whether you’re a Project Portfolio Manager, an EV Analyst, or a Scheduler, Power BI delivers next generation charting without last generation’s hassle. 

No offense to the tried-and-true SPA charts, but it’s time for a new generation of visualizations. Think drag-and-drop charting, clickable dashboards, portfolio views, and trending.

AzTech has married our EV expertise with what we believe will be the ubiquitous data visualization tool for improving the project team’s ability to instantly understand the story behind our project data.

AzTech and Power BI

Take 5 minutes to see AzTech’s VIPR tool as one example of Power BI at work.

  • No Limits. Power BI can read millions of rows of data. Compare that to Excel, and you know what we mean when we say there is real power in this next generation tool.
  • Ubiquity. The massive Excel user base plus Power BI Desktop, Cloud, and Mobile should keep Power BI on every desktop. Plus, Power BI is data agnostic and can pull from just about any data source.
  • Automation. The Power Platform includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents – Added power to create triggers, bots, and other cool automation.

These are just some of the PM and EV tools, reports, and models we can help you create:

  • Use or customize our VIPR tool to analyze your project portfolio or projects before a Joint Surveillance Review (JSR) – or to help turn around a RED project to GREEN or even BLUE.
  • Use our CAM Stats tool to prepare for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR). 
  • Create a Material EV model to handle a large volume of material, including integrating the Bill of Material (BOM), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), Material Quantifiable Backup Data (QBD), ERP/MRP, Estimated Actuals, and Estimate at Completion.
  • Create a Scheduling dashboard to page through each project and drill down through performance and compliance metrics. 

Using Power BI and the Power Platform suite, we can help you generate government or industry metrics and automation in these ways (and anything else you can dream up):

  • With Power BI, create a template or report with standard or customer metrics or algorithms. 
  • With Power BI, create EV, Scheduling, or Integrated dashboards. 
  • With Power App, create connections between systems to automate monthly EV reporting. 
  • With Power Automate we can send push notifications if a metric trips a certain threshold and find and fix the issue before it reaches non-compliance or before we trip Variance Analysis Report (VAR) thresholds.
  • With Power Agents we can create powerful AI-powered chat bots to answer your junior EV Analyst or Scheduler questions or complex PM or CAM questions for just-in-time learning and support.

Built in integration with Microsoft 365 and Azure means you have instant connection and compatibility with industry leading applications.

Combine with AzTech’s Project Management tools, and master your project data like never before.



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