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Spend effort managing the project, not the data

As Earned Value metrics experts, data and metrics are a core strength for AzTech. We know project teams often spend more time on data challenges and lose focus on project delivery. Imagine being able to reach a level of data nirvana like this:

✓ Squeaky clean data
✓ Reports that fit on a page
✓ One click data import

✓ Perfect data integration
✓ Stunning dashboards
✓ Instant insights

Make metrics work for you

DOD and DOE agencies and contractors must cope with increasingly demanding data-driven compliance and surveillance reviews. With hundreds of performance and compliance metrics, it can be tough to know where to focus, which metrics matter most, and how to use metrics as a foundational management tool. And whether you manage a portfolio of projects or one high-stakes project, focusing on what matters is key.

We help government and industry tackle the common data issues that project teams face

Our collaboration in widely used government and industry guides, policies, and data requirements has helped validate and refine metrics in our data-driven EV world. The U.S. and international government agencies publish regulations, policies, and guides. Industry organizations in Defense and Energy also publish guides or their interpretations for the contractors (prime contractors, major subcontractors, and suppliers) who design, build, and deploy projects on behalf of government agencies. AzTech has worked on both sides with government agencies and industry contractors. This gives us a unique perspective and insight into the data and metrics used to manage high-stakes projects. 

DOD and DOE agencies and departments continually innovate and refine their data, metrics, and reporting requirements. DOD and DOE have some common, overlapping requirements, but some are unique. Contractors in the Defense and Energy sectors also evolve their approaches with new processes, tools, and concepts. AzTech works hard to stay current across the DOD and DOE to help our clients navigate the changing requirements.  

Our engagements and working groups with the PM and EV professionals at DOD and DOE cover a range of organizations and contractors. We’ve worked closely with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), the US Air Force, the US Navy, and the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Similarly, we’ve worked with the experts at the DOE’s Office of Program Management and the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG). 

Why AzTech?

AzTech has a unique approach we call Performance-Driven Compliance. Experience tells us that focusing the project team on key Earned Value metrics naturally leads to better EV compliance. We’ve been doing this for a long time and work with these guiding principles:

  • All metrics are not created equal. AzTech knows which metric trips deserve your focus.
  • Leading versus trailing metrics. We help alert your team when to take early action.
  • Normalize data. We show you which project or control account needs attention.
  • Composite metrics. These are the key to instant insights when dealing with tons of data. 
Our Offerings
Normalize and cleanse your data

Normalize and cleanse your data, getting you compliant right off the bat. (Learn more about EVMS Compliance)

Keep you compliant

Keep you compliant by providing expert consultants equipped with a proven toolbox of in-house tools and processes. (We are tool agnostic, though, and can work with any off-the-shelf tools or your in-house tools.) (Learn more about Technology)

Instruct and train your team

Instruct and train your team to spot problems early and to better understand how to resolve them. (Learn more about Training and Workshops)

Reorient your team towards Performance-Driven Compliance

Reorient your team towards Performance-Driven Compliance, a process that improves management and planning by focusing on the leading versus trailing metrics or indicators. This saves time and increases efficiency. (Learn more about EVMS Implementation)

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