“Microsoft Project is the Excel of Project Management, but it needs some big improvements to work with the large projects we build and manage. And we need to work inside MS Project, not in some other tool.”

That was the design challenge put to our AzTech Magic team (Developers) before we designed and developed ​​Run!AzTech Ribbon for Microsoft Project.

We built Run!AzTech for our team’s toolkit, one macro at a time and over two decades of helping clients build, analyze, and maintain complex schedules. Now anyone can use Run!AzTech’s powerful features. Trace the driving or critical paths to or from any task or milestone within seconds. Run out-of-sequence status report. Navigate large schedules on Microsoft Project desktop or Project Online (Project Server).  A must-have in any scheduling professional’s toolkit. Easy for non-schedulers like PMs, CAMs, and Analysts.

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Take 5 minutes to see why Run!AzTech is a favorite MS Project Add-In of many Scheduling professionals.

  • Build: Build schedules and navigate them faster than ever during meetings.
  • Assess: Quickly update and validate schedule progress and forecast, finding and fixing issues.
  • Perform: Trace Driving and Critical Paths on the fly, filter for look-ahead tasks, filter and count tasks based on task names or other fields to track performance.

Any PM professional can use Run!AzTech (even though Scheduling newbies and Master Schedulers love Run!AzTech, too):

  • Trace: The PM or CAM (Team Lead) can instantly find the Driving or Critical Path to a task or milestone.
  • Fitness: Schedulers can run functions to check if the schedule is sick, healthy, or undeniably fit.
  • Out-of-Sequence: Run an Out of Sequence (OOS) report to find and fix invalid logic or progress that can break a schedule.
  • Run: Scheduling power users can use Run! commands for amazing shortcuts.
  • Navigate: Over 20 extra navigation tricks for any user to maneuver large schedules with ease.
  • Build: Over 50 commands to build robust schedules (includes Handoffs Magic).
  • Multi-Project: Works on a single project, consolidated projects, or Project Server (Project Online).

Run!AzTech has years of experience including:

  • Red-Yellow-Green Stoplight: Any user can Click the Refresh button and see 30 performance and compliance metrics with dynamic, clickable filters to find and fix schedule issues
  • Stats: Auditors or planners can generate a one-page report card with 82 performance and compliance metrics including the DCMA’s 14 Point Assessment
  • GASP:  Schedulers can pick any of the 29 Generally Accepted Scheduling Principles (GASP) metrics from the NDIA’s must-read Planning & Scheduling Excellence Guide (PASEG)


We pride ourselves on Run!AzTech working inside MS Project as a robust add-in.

But, Run!AzTech also exports reports to Excel for easy integration with other tools and sharing with project teams, customers, subcontractors, or suppliers.

Run!AzTech also has a set of Magic tools for scheduling professionals:

  • IMP Magic: Import Excel Integrated Master Plan (IMP)
  • Map Magic: Import Excel Text, WBS, and Outline Code fields
  • Handoffs Magic: Import and export predecessors and successors between Excel
  • CAP Magic: Generate an Excel Control Account Plan (time-phased resources by month)



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