We assist government and private sector clients in scheduling and managing complex projects from the beginning of the EVMS certification process all the way to closeout.

At AzTech, we adhere to the rigors of EVM. We also believe that EVM must continue evolving — and so are we. By embracing advances in tools and methods, we offer the latest innovation and wide-sweeping perspectives from 30 years of tireless service.

Our Service Offerings

We guide your team through critical stages forming the backbone of your project. Our EVMS consulting services help you:

  • Standup an EVMS and gain certification.
  • Set up a Project Management Office to manage your project portfolio or key project.
  • Turn around a troubled project (take a project from red to green – or even blue).
  • Elevate your project team’s knowledge and skills from any level of EVM maturity.
  • Fill your short or long-term staffing gaps.
  • Use the right EVM technology and tools.
  • Navigate audits and reviews.

Please continue below for a quick summary of our other services. Visit our EVMS Consulting page for more information.


We adhere to a five-tiered approach to scheduling that includes:

  1. Building an integrated master schedule if one does not already exist.
  2. Selecting the right scheduling tools for your needs.
  3. Maintaining the schedule by progressing the rigor of monthly cadence.
  4. Assessing through pre-audit checks to ensure projects are always audit-ready.
  5. Training tools and technology so teams achieve independence.

Visit our Scheduling page for more information.


We train and coach our clients to be “audit-ready” — not stricken with “audit-panic.” Our goal is to turn every engagement into a stress-free, exciting learning experience. We can take the reins, train your team to follow a streamlined and repeatable monthly EV cadence — and show you how to stay prepared for any audits and reviews.

This removes the stress of EVMS, replacing it with a feeling of safety and confidence. If DOD, DCMA, or DOE EVM oversight experts come knocking, we are here to help. Our experts can get you through the crucial Project Startup or Integrated Baseline Review phases. And we can guide you through routine Internal Surveillance Reviews, External / Joint Surveillance Reviews, and even Compliance Reviews or Reviews for Cause.

Visit our Reviews & Audits page for more information.


We have a passion for data and metrics. This can be seen in our unique and surprising approaches to using them, especially when it comes to performance-driven metrics. We know what the government looks for and what they deem important because we have had the privilege of working side-by-side with government agencies working to use data-driven analytics more effectively.

Assisting teams to prep, scrub, and integrate data from diverse systems is a vital part of what we do — so you can understand your data from the granular to the 30,000-foot view.

Visit our Metrics & Data page to learn more.


Hosting training events and workshops allows us to share our passion for EVM, scheduling, project management, and data analysis. This is where we help you fulfill visions, expand perspectives, think completely outside the box, and most importantly, learn how to do all aspects of project management better.

We can provide classic, in-person training and webinars with our toolkit of training materials. We also customize in-person or virtual workshops as engaging, immersive experiences that address your training needs and project management goals.

Visit our Training & Workshops page for more information.

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