AzTech’s Earned Value Management Roadmap

Updated 27 June 2023 

AzTech’s free EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT ROADMAP is the essential guide and reference to help Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) agencies and contractors understand and implement earned value management (EVM).

In this guide, we not only introduce EVM to readers who need a concise primer on the topic, we also provide more seasoned readers a wide range of industry project management wisdom. We drew from AzTech’s more than 30 years of EVM experience and wide breadth of government and industry policy and guides. This encompasses a long history of managing large-scale projects for the DOD and DOE. 

Whether you’re new to EVM, breaking ground on a complex EVM implementation, or want to learn tips and tricks for a smoother, more powerful deployment — this guide will serve as your desktop reference through every project phase.

Here’s what this guide covers:

  • Chapter 1: Why is EVM Required (or Desired)?
  • Chapter 2: What Does it Take to Get a Compliant / Validated / Certified EVMS?
  • Chapter 3: When Does EVM Apply in the Project Lifecycle?
  • Chapter 4: Who Conducts Which EVM Reviews, Assessments, and Audits?
  • Chapter 5: How Do I Get the Most from EVM Metrics and Reports?

From EVM beginners to experts, and whether you’re in the trenches at DOD or DOE agencies or steering the ship as a contractor, mastering EVM is essential. Our guide peels away the complexity, shining a light on the ins and outs of EVM with clarity and ease. It’s packed with practical insights and strategies designed to empower you to deliver the stellar results your organization anticipates. Let’s embark on this journey together and turn EVM into your next success story!

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