An Innovative Company Culture – More Than Ping-Pong Tables

At AzTech, we give our quirky band of geeks a chance to rethink, unthink, and dream of new ways to better the people behind our company and the project teams we help. To be nimble and stay connected. To be free to work effectively, stay curious, and most importantly, dare to question conventions.

Seeking growth and innovation, we encourage creative thinking to find exciting new ways to serve our industry. We’re honest and open about our achievements, successes, failures, and lessons learned. Our fun, compassionate spirit gives our team the freedom to experiment — and sometimes fail. Most importantly, everyone works the way they’re wired to bring out their towering strengths.

Cultivating our culture
Hybrid Work Culture

As early adopters of the hybrid work environment, we know how much life and productivity can improve when the team can work in their chosen space. We recognize that daily commutes to an office building costs precious time and aren’t environmentally friendly. We only meet up in person when we want or need to, making those moments more powerful and memorable.

Trust and Accountability

With team members across international time zones, we’ve built, and maintained a culture of trust, autonomy, and accountability. We empower our team to make the decisions required to get the job done.

Core Values

Our core values reflect the innovative company culture that we bring to every project management challenge:

Service to our clients and their key projects. Loyalty to our customers and our team. Demonstrating our Work Ethic by providing valuable support and results. Innovation when streamlining how government and industry teams manage complex projects. Having Fun along the way. Plus our perhaps most important core value of Sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.










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