EVMS Surveillance

EVMS Surveillance: Prepare and Perform

When EVMS oversight professionals stop by to visit, consider yourself lucky. Think of it as free consulting. Of course, a Surveillance Review can cause anxiety and a big distraction for already busy project teams. Yes, the review team might uncover organizational, process, tool, and data issues. At AzTech, we believe you can shine during surveillance reviews. Being ready, confident, and knowing your project like only you do is the key — and we can help you do this.

Remember that agencies like the DOD’s Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and the DOE’s Office of Program Management (PM-30) are chartered to provide EVMS oversight. The same goes for Internal Surveillance with in-house EV Focals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working hard to ensure projects have valid and credible EV data.

Turn Audit-Panic into Audit-Ready!

Remain proactive and maintain a sound EV cadence – the keys to a prepared system and team. After all, your goal is not simply passing an audit. If you must undergo an audit, you might as well get the most out of it for your project team and organization. The biggest challenge we see is that project teams are so focused on the day-to-day fire drills and the routine EV cadence. We can help you target energy where it counts to get meaningful results from your next EV surveillance review.

Why AzTech

At AzTech, we position your project team so you are perpetually audit-ready. Our Performance-Driven Compliance approach is rooted in routine surveillance. We aim to remove the notion that you need to merely pass an audit. Our focus is improving project performance and watching compliance fall in line.

Whether you need help realizing the root causes of your project’s issues or prioritizing actions, AzTech improves your EVMS credibility to leadership and customers. Our automation and service solutions reduce the likelihood of internal and external Corrective Action Reports (CARs).

Our Offerings

When you choose AzTech for your surveillance needs, you get a lot in return:

Joint Surveillance Review Orientation & Preparation

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Validating and improved data integrity

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Auditing data call documents and running data traces

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Finding and fixing performance and compliance metrics and issues

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Generating a practical Corrective Action Plan for sustained growth

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