Project Startup

How the first 30, 60, and 90 days make or break a project

Imagine your project startup as a teenager: bright and eager, yet lacking experience and maturity. AzTech can help get your project off to a smooth start with early nurturing and guidance to set the stage for success by avoiding common startup pitfalls.

At AzTech, we know the project startup is the most impactful stage of the project’s life. We’re uniquely positioned to support this vital and often under-managed, under-estimated, and under-appreciated stage.

Project Startup Challenges from Two Angles

Experience is the parent of wisdom. AzTech has decades supporting hundreds of projects and some of the failures we see fall under these two areas:

  • Wisdom: Great staff, but with knowledge gaps.
  • Team: Chaotic onboarding processes and steep learning curves.
  • Silos: Lack of team integration and common goals and targets.
  • Habits: Working to build a routine and streamlined cadence.
  • Consistency: Neglecting big picture and lower level views to establish a sound baseline.
  • Scope: Failure to capture the entire breadth of the effort.
  • Schedule: Absence of a sound scope, schedule, and cost scope integration – plus key handoffs.
  • Cost: Hard to translate the proposal into the cost and schedule baseline – risk of errors, duplications, and omissions.

Why AzTech

We focus on hands-on coaching, mentoring, and training to ensure your project team is competent, masterful, and independent. When you work with us, you experience:

  • AzTech’s ability to make the complex simple.
  • Our team helping yours become a cohesive group of project management professionals.
  • No drama with our proven optimism that PM and EV can be fun.
  • Our view that the performance measurement baseline process starts at day one – not a Big Bang event (how some perceive the Integrated Baseline Review) six months after contract award. Six months is too late. Let’s get started now.
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5 Ways AzTech Can Help Project Startups Succeed

Remove common biases & rethink risks and opportunities with a free 1-hour BPOP (Backcasting / Premortem & Optimistic / Pessimistic) strategy session.

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