AzTech consultants use EVM tools to do things faster, easier, and more effectively

We have developed, evolved, and fine-tuned these tools over the past 30 years of working on out-of-the-ordinary projects.

Our algorithms and methods of finding, fixing, and scoring data issues help you make sense of what’s really happening, so you can make the right judgment calls and know where to focus. Our tools still rely on government and industry metrics, but they also use an additional layer of proprietary metrics that give us an edge.

Unlock New Insights and Lightning-Speed Efficiency

Our EVM tools are the reason we can work up to three times faster than our competitors, and they are why some of our clients call us “data monsters.” These custom tools range from powered-up interactive worksheets to automated data transformations that ease integration into your in-house or commercial software.

AzTech tools are purpose-built to be easy for our clients to use. Ultimately, they are there so AzTech and your team can serve you better while giving you the widest range of technologies and cutting-edge strategies to choose from.

As EVM consultants, our tools give us the superpowers to determine if your data is reliable, if you can trust it, and what the data says you need to do or should be spending your time on. It’s about performance, hitting your monthly cadence, and being ready for any review or audit.

The AzTech Toolkit at a Glance

Here are highlights of our AzTech toolkit and the guiding principles behind them:

ACE: Speed Up Finding and Fixing Data Issues for EVMS Compliance

AzTech Compliance Expert (ACE) puts EVMS and project management expertise at your fingertips with data analytics for performance and compliance.

Built when the DOD pivoted to data-driven compliance reviews, ACE lets clients run cost and schedule data through a battery of metrics, but with a visually stunning way to score and quickly interpret the results. This eliminates jumbled metrics that waste time and energy. Clients can also drill down from the project to the control account and then down to the work package or task level in no time.


Run!AzTech: Schedule Assessments on One Page

Run!AzTech, our Microsoft Project scheduling add-in, takes only minutes to assess even the largest schedules.

You instantly learn whether a schedule is built properly, is healthy, and is predictive. Run!AzTech also provides rapid intelligence on whether schedule data is reliable. Best of all, our fan-favorite AzTech Stats report fits 150 metrics onto a single page!

CEI: Current Execution Index. Early Warning on Schedule Execution

CEI is an underused and undervalued scheduling metric. Though not strictly an earned value measure, it is a strong indicator of schedule health, how well the project team is executing the work, how reliable schedule forecasts are, and more.

It tells us if the project team is properly updating the schedule and how reliable the forecast dates are. Our CEI report fits on a page and answers:

  • How reliable are our near-term forecasts?
  • Did we accomplish what we said we would?
  • Did we un-start or un-finish previously statused work?
  • Did we add new work since our last schedule status?
  • Did we do other work we hadn’t planned on doing?
  • Did we change previously reported actual start or finish dates?
  • Did we delete previously statused work?
VIPR: Identify Problem Projects and Control Accounts

VIPR, our Visually Intelligent Performance Report, is a one-page Power BI visualization that grades the health of your project or a project portfolio. Each project or control accounts gets an instant visual cues by color (red, yellow, green, or blue) and by letter grade (from F- to A+). Our built-in analytics instantly assess the data for performance and compliance issues and provide statements, questions, and actions to improve the data.

AzTech FAQs

AzTech FAQs provide answers to a range of questions that we have received about our tools. AzTech FAQs are available on our website, so our clients and teams can refer to them whenever needed.

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