Imagineering the Future of Animated AI for Project Management

When you understand all of the incredible things that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine an Earned Value Management platform where you talk to tasks and form a working relationship with them.

Consider an AI-enabled task that acts like a person. It might schedule a call with you and say, “Hey! I’m a risky task in your portfolio and things are about to get a little crazy. Why aren’t you paying closer attention to me? Why don’t you build more flexibility into my deadline?”

All signs show that AI is here to stay. The global AI market is projected to grow from $387.45 billion in 2022 to $1.394 trillion by 2029—and over the next several years, we are certain to see more AI-enhanced project management tools available for our industry. And their transformative effects will be nothing short of radical.

So let’s take a moment to imagine what that could look like in the “funnest” way possible. Let’s explore what AI—and especially animated AI—could mean for a truly modern AI for project management system.

Interactive Tasks With AI Personalities

If you really think about it, projects and tasks have personalities. Some are “routine and predictable,” some are “risky and daring,” some are “emergency,” and others are downright terrifying. What if project management software used animated AI to assign an interactive personality to tasks based on these characteristics—and we could talk with them and brainstorm solutions with them?

It might look something like this:

  • Routine and predictable tasks: These tasks are relatively easy to manage and they never threaten to make a project late. They include tasks such as administrative support, operations, accounting, invoicing, payroll, statusing a schedule (i.e., updating progress or updating forecast), creating reports, updating reports, and downloading data. A personality for a task like this would feel trustworthy and reliable and always dress smartly.
  • Daredevil tasks and projects: These tasks could be risky, futuristic, and they’re always in danger of stretching. They might say they’re going to take 20 days, but they end up taking 60. For example, you know exactly what it takes to remodel a bathroom, but you’ve never built a house out of glass—so you don’t know the parameters. That’s risky. A personality for a task like this might have an edge to its voice, wear a motorcycle jacket, and be vague when answering questions.
  • Emergency tasks: This is a task that appears out of nowhere, a fire that has to be put out and everyone on the project needs to move fast. This task personality would be nervous and in a hurry. Maybe he or she is wearing a race car driver outfit, and says “Let’s go! We have to move fast!”

Assigning animated AI personalities to projects and tasks is well within the realm of current technology—and best of all, it would mix some fun and engagement into the daily life of being an Earned Value Management professional. Wouldn’t everyone want to sign up for an engaging piece of software like this?

Self-Building Projects

Now let’s imagine another animated AI possibility. Perhaps you need to set up a project for a home remodel. You open up your software and go to the project building section. But instead of your typical routine, a friendly, animated AI personality with a calm voice appears, and says, “Hey there! Tell me about the project!”

After you respond with a general description, the AI asks a series of questions to get all of the parameters right. Then it auto-builds a fully formed schedule, and you’re ready to go in no time (with minimal effort).

Software like this would be a breeze to work with. It would free up time so project managers could handle their workloads more efficiently. It would also empower teams to devote more time to analysis and other important tasks.

An Extra Pair of Artificially Intelligent Eyes

With a portfolio of projects or work that the average project management professional is watching, it’s easy to miss something important. This is where an animated AI virtual assistant could help keep track of everything.

An AI for project management assistant could drill through each program to keep track of every detail 24 hours a day, and let you know if one of those “daredevil” projects or tasks is about to create a problem.

Considering that most project managers only have time to perform detailed reviews once or twice a month, this level of constant analysis would empower EVM teams to improve results dramatically. By adding another pair of artificially intelligent eyes to your team, animated AI could help you find and resolve potential problems well before they intensify.

Let’s Make the AI Revolution Work for Us!

At AzTech, we’re excited about the limitless possibilities of AI technology—and we love to imagine how it could change the face of what project managers experience on a day-to-day basis. Not only would animated AI make our work lives more exciting and engaging, but it would free up EVM teams to spend more time analyzing data, exploring new opportunities, finding solutions, and devoting additional energy to business-critical tasks.

At the end of the day, the efficiency benefits that AI brings to the table will be nothing short of revolutionary for the EVM industry—so why not make this technology just as fun and engaging as it is efficient?

Let’s keep imagining and exploring new and exciting ideas to make the AI revolution work for us.

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