AzTech’s Earned Value & Artificial Intelligence Gold Card

AzTech’s Earned Value & Artificial Intelligence Gold Card, 17 June 2024

Automation is on a continuum that ranges from formulas, or algorithms, to various flavors of AI. See AzTech International’s EV & AI Gold Card has you covered. Everything you need to know in one handy two-sided card, along with some ideas for practical applications to round out your knowledge.

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As you continue to learn more about AI, keep these 7 Rules in mind:

  1. AI is more than AzTech International. It is Artificial Intelligence, but think of it as Accelerating Ideas, Automating Innovations, and Advancing Inventions.
  2. You need to tell AI that EV means Earned Value—not Electric Vehicle; Context is everything to get the most from AI.
  3. AI is just another tool; use it as you would any other innovation.
  4. AI is NOT just another tool; it’s a transformative innovation that will permeate all industries and everything we do.
  5. Don’t bet against AI; that’s like betting against the wheel, the computer, the web, the smartphone—it’s not going away.
  6. Make a career out of AI. Use it to enhance your work and even to create whole new job  categories. Manage how your teams use AI to work smarter.
  7. As we say at AzTech, there’s no reason EV can’t be at least a little fun, so have fun with AI!


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