Become a Guru!


LEARN Enable teams with the right knowledge, skills, tools, & training.

Dial lessons learned into improved EVM:
  • Planning & scheduling (IMP/IMS) workshops
  • EVM, VAR, & EAC workshops
  • PM & CAM interview preparation

PERFORM Focus time & energy improving project performance.

Get the most out of your EVMS investment:
  • Proper schedule status & critical path analysis
  • Variance investigation & mitigation
  • Dial past performance into IMS & EACs

Assure valid data during build phase & effective data during execution.

Go from audit-panic to audit-ready:
  • DCMA Reviews – Mock reviews, data assessments, root cause analysis, corrective action planning (CAPs) for Joint Surveillance Reviews (JSRs) & Compliance Reviews
  • Baseline Integrity: Schedule assessments, Schedule Risk Assessments (SRAs), & Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs)

Build it right the 1st time for huge dividends during EVMS implementation & for baseline management.

Access our decades of experience standing-up EVMS & baselining projects:
  • EVMS Process: System descriptions that meet ANSI 748’s 32 guidelines & practical desktop guides
  • EVMS Implementation: Cost & schedule integration, IMP/IMS, Enterprise Master Schedules

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