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Surviving EVMS Compliance / Certification


Why? AzTech can help you survive that upcoming compliance review. We will review your entire Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in order to identify any weaknesses and provide the necessary feedback and recommendations you will require in order to painlessly make it through your upcoming review. You’ll be able to know what the auditors are going to ask before they get there and you will receive sound advice in order to fix any issues before the big review.
As part of our assessment we will review the following documents and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the 32 ANSI/EIA-748 guidelines:

    • System Description
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Organizational Break Down Structure (OBS)
    • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
    • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Assessment
    • Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
    • Control Account Plan (CAP)
    • Work Authorization Documents (WAD)
    • Contract Performance Report (CPR)
    • Variance Analysis Reports (VARs)
    • Estimate at Completions (EACs)
    • Baseline Change Request (BCR) log

          AzTech will also perform data traces to ensure information is consistent across program documents and ensure the EVMS is being utilized as described in the System Description.  Once our assessment is complete, we will sit down with management and CAMs to review our findings. Based on these findings we will:

            • Provide a complete system review report identifying findings for each of the 32 ANSI/EIA-748 guidelines
            • Provide training on areas that showed weaknesses
            • Recommend process improvements to correct weaknesses and prevent them from occurring in the future
            • Ensure CAMs are ready to answer questions the compliance team will be asking
            • Ensure any data anomalies are corrected

          Inquire. Contact AzTech today and let us help you ensure that your upcoming compliance review is a successful one!