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Satellite: The Omnipresent Tool. See below (1:18)

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The Count-down is Over. Satellite is the hub for planning and managing your next project!



What is Satellite? Imagine a project management tool that resides directly inside of the MS Office Suite, as an easy-to-use Ribbon. It unites the ability to easily start and manage projects to completion. Through the MS Ribbon, access project management tools that feature the following:


  • Online System Description
  • Quick-launch PM toolkit at your fingertips
  • Handy Excel templates for common PM scenarios
  • Instruction thru audio Podcasts, step-by-step animations, and videos
  • No reason to receive or transmit data outside your secure network
  • No problematic cloud solution
  • A PM tool your IT department loves that easily installs as an Excel add-in


Project Management for Everyone. Satellite is accessible and easily launched whether you are just starting a project, or need some help along the way. Satellite can help:

  • Contractors with an EVMS. Satellite complements and supports any existing PM tools or processes.
  • Subcontractors newer to EVM. Satellite provides easy templates and training to help your project team use EVM practices.


TurboEV. Your Satellite Ribbon in MS Excel delivers tools, templates, instructional content, and our latest service: TurboEV. Satellite launches TurboEV providing access to EVM and Project Management knowledge. Learn more about the five TurboEV project phases.


  • Build - Using the Microsoft Office Suite, use provided templates to define the project work scope, assign the team, develop a plan or schedule, and establish baseline cost and schedule targets.
  • Assess - helps you analyze and validate cost and schedule data to ensure a meaningful baseline and integrated master schedule.
  • Maintain - provides insight and the ability to track actual costs and progress using available templates.
  • Perform - looks for ways to improve project performance with meaningful actions and decisions.
  • Learn - Learn puts AzTech's EVM System Description online to help teams learn basic and advanced PM concepts and methods through podcasts, videos, guides, checklists, and step-by-step short animations.

Be a Pioneer. Join the Satellite Explorer Program and become one of the few who have already discovered the benefits of launching Satellite in your project. To participate in the Satellite pilot, simply send us a note by clicking here, and mention, “I want to become an Explorer”.