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Open Plan IMS StopLight

Our Open Plan Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) StopLight Report allows you to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Open Plan IMS. You will be able to perform hours of analysis in a matter of seconds, gaining a clear understanding of areas that need attention, as well as areas that are already very healthy. 

More About the Open Plan IMS Stoplight Report
Report results can be categorized by Control Account Manager, Project, WBS, or any other common identifier in your schedule. Thresholds can be changed and colorized to see at a glance the areas that are in most need of attention and the areas that are already good to go.

Which CAM has the most tasks? Which CAM currently has the most tasks left to complete or most tasks completed?

With our MS Project IMS StopLight report you will be able to see:

  • Total Number of Tasks 
  • Completed Tasks
  • In-Progress Tasks
  • Not Started Tasks
  • Incomplete Tasks
  • Percentage of Complete Tasks
  • Percentage of Incomplete Tasks

IMS schedule health is an essential aspect of any project in order to ensure that the dates and other calculated information is accurate.

How many CAMs have a large number of tasks without successor preventing you from obtaining an accurate critical path in your schedule? Are CAMs over using constraints preventing the schedule from moving on its own? Who’s falling behind in their completion of tasks as compared to the baseline and hurting you Baseline Execution Index (BEI) ratio? Are these CAMs forecasting to get back on track?

AzTech’s IMS StopLight report will allow you to quickly see:

  • • Missing Logic
  • • Tasks with High Total Float
  • • Tasks with High Duration
  • • Constrained Tasks
  • • Number of Critical Tasks
  • • Baseline Execution Index (BEI) & Forecast Execution Index (FEI) ratios

Our IMS StopLight report will identify those things in a schedule that just should not happen. What CAMs added tasks and didn’t update the baseline? Who didn’t status their schedule this week? Are any CAMs using a time machine and completing tasks in the future? 

You’ll be able to answer these questions by reviewing the following metrics:

  • Tasks Missing Baseline Dates
  • Planned Dates in the Past
  • Planning Packages with Actual Starts
  • Upcoming Planning Packages
  • Actual Dates in the Future
  • Erroneous Percent Complete Values

Try. Whether you are a Scheduler, Auditor, or Manager, AzTech's Open Plan IMS StopLight will empower your organization with a  quick and easy, yet comprehensive overview of your IMS. Check out our offerings and see how AzTech's tools can help you increase productivity.

So, you may be can I try the StopLight?

Contact our AzTech Tool Suite Hotline, we would happy to help assess your needs and discuss how Open Plan IMS StopLight can help you!

Buy! Need more reasons to buy AzTech's IMS StopLight? Here are the top 5...

Need more reasons to buy AzTech's IMS StopLight? Here are the top 5...
  • Quickly understand your Schedule's fitness.
  • Easily understand where you need to focus your attention to improve your IMS.
  • Create an IMS overview, easily understood by upper management.
  • Categorized results by control account, project, program, WBS, or any unique identifier.
  • Hours of analysis, in seconds!

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