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AzTech Word Add-In

Would you like to be an AzTech Word Guru?'re about to! 

What's the AzTech Word Add-In?

  • Super tool with built in macros, you'll be an Word guru in no time!

    New Installation? Follow these quick and simple steps!
    1. Below in the Downloads section click on "AzTech Word Add-In" to download the .ZZZ file
    2. Rename the file extension .ZZZ to be .ZIP
    3. Extract the files from this .ZIP file onto your computer
    4. You can install the DOTM file following one of the below methods:
    Preferred Installation:
    Preferred is to put it into your Word startup folder which probably looks like this, but with your User name:
    C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

    Alternate Installation:
    You could put the document in ANY folder and use Word > File > Options > Addins to browse for and add the Template, but it might not always STICK, so we recommend option 1. 

    Need more? You may always contact our AzTech Tool Suite Hotline to request help. Also, if you consistently use an AzTech Excel Add-In feature and want us to incorporate new functionality into our next build, we want to hear from you! Contact our WishList Hotline, maybe your idea will be our next cool feature!

    Have Fun and Enjoy!