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AutoVAR: EV Analysis Made Simple

The AutoVAR is AzTech's solution to the monthly grind of management analysis. Whether filling out Variance Analysis Reports, analyzing program health, or reviewing your managers' data, the AutoVAR provides any CAM or analyst with the easy to use tool they need. 


More About the AutoVAR

The AutoVAR comes equipped with a SmartDetect import tool, allowing for a streamlined monthly data rhythm. The SmartDetect works with the Excel exports produced by all Cost Engines.

Once your data has been imported into the AutoVAR, you can analyze it using four separate analytical modules.

CPR Analysis

AutoVAR's CPR Analysis Module incorporates your program's variance thresholds and identifies the WBS elements and Control Accounts requiring Variance Analysis Reports (VARs). Because the AutoVAR has capacity for two sets of variance thresholds, the CPR Analysis module can be used to create CPR Format 5 VARs and internal VARs, simultaneously.

Program Health

AutoVAR's Program Health module identifies the data anomalies that can emerge when dealing with complex earned value data. The Program Health module quantifies 
not only the impact to your program, but also the systemic nature of any anomalies. Further, the easy-to-use interface allows managers to "Drill Down" into the data, aiding you in the correction of any data anomalies.

CAM View

AutoVAR's CAM View module interfaces the manager to earned value data by CAM. The manager can scroll through each CAM in the program within minutes, analyzing all your CAM's progress and forecasts within minutes. In addition, the CAM View identifies data anomalies within your CAM's accounts, also allowing the manager to "Drill Down".

AutoVAR's EAC Analysis Module allows managers to quickly analyze their past performance. Through an interface that allows for a "Drill Down" to the work package level, a manager can quickly access all information needed to assess their ETCs and make informed EAC updates.

Whether you are an Analyst, Auditor, or Manager, AzTech's IMS AutoVAR will empower your organization with a simple, yet comprehensive management tool. Check out our offerings and see how AzTech's tools can can help you increase productivity.

So, you may be can I try the AutoVAR?

Contact our AzTech Tool Suite Hotline, we would happy to help assess your needs and discuss how AutoVAR can help you!

Need more reasons to buy AzTech's AutoVAR? Here are the top 5...

  • SmartDetect streamlines the data import process.
  • Monthly variance analysis has never been so easy.
  • Identify and quantify all data anomalies.
  • Gain insight into your manager's data.
  • Give yourself ammunition for informed EAC updates.


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