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ACE Metrics

In many ways ACE is ahead of the game, with over 140 automated metrics at both Control Account and Work Package levels, plus over 700 root cause mappings tied to the EVMS 32 Guidelines.

Our latest version, ACE 3 is poised to support the data-driven approaches in both the Defense and Energy industries:

  • Defense: ACE fully aligns with the data-driven metrics of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Including 100% of DCMA's published metrics, both automated and manual metrics, ACE is the only tool on the market that includes the DCMA manual metrics. ACE allows users to capture the numerator and denominator, to calculate values available in the data. The Investigate module also retains thresholds and calculates the math for determining compliance or non-compliance, showing whether thresholds have tripped. ACE stores the results and allows users to add notes on the sampling or findings.

  • Energy: AzTech is simultaneously focusing sights on supporting DOE. Our work with DOE PM-30 (DOE Headquarters) provides us with unique insights into the DOE's EVMS compliance initiatives, including updates to the EVMSIH and supporting tool sets. ACE provides a complementary solution as DOE solidifies their requirements and standards for tools and data submittals.

  • Performance: We believe Performance drives Compliance! Therefore, we integrated performance metrics that are also tracked in our premier schedule support tool Run!AzTech.

Run!AzTech Performance Metrics

ACE Performance Metrics

For a full list of the metrics offered within ACE, reference the screenshot below:

    We welcome feedback related to new and evolving metrics. If you have ideas, we want to hear them! Who knows, maybe your metric will end up in our next release. Provide you feedback in the chat box on the lower left corner of your browser.

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