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Is an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) Contractually Required? Who cares?

The point is, an IMP is essential for any program, including those developing and managing using an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). If your customer does not require an IMP, create and use one anyway!

What is an IMP?

To start, an IMP is a list of significant Events. These are the big design reviews, test or production readiness reviews, or major gates for your program. They will differ by industry, product, and program phase. What matters is that they define the big targets for the program team required for meeting contractual and internal deliverables.

Next, the IMP contains Significant Accomplishments. Each Event has one or more Significant Accomplishments that must be completed before completing the Event.

The third level, or indenture, in an IMP contains the Accomplishment Criteria. Each Significant Accomplishment has one or more Accomplishment Criteria that must be completed before completing the Significant Accomplishment.

How is an IMP like an E.A.C.?

A shorthand for the IMP items is E for Events, A for Significant Accomplishment (also referred to as SA), and C for Accomplishment Criteria (also referred to as AC). Please don't confuse the IMP E.A.C. with the Estimate at Completion (EAC) or the Latest Revised Estimate (LRE).

What does an IMP look like?

An IMP can be a list, a matrix (e.g., a spreadsheet table), or a narrative document (e.g., MS Word). It should list the IMP items plus a description and entrance and exit criteria. Some program teams elect to build the IMP into the IMS itself, often defining some or all IMP items as control milestones at the top of the IMS. Some program teams create summary tasks, groupings, or hammocks that group underlying tasks under related IMP items. Typically, an IMP code is assigned to each task in the IMS to help validate that all work is assigned to the proper IMP item, and to make filtering, grouping, and reporting easier. Independent of methodology, an IMP is a framework that program teams use to consistently model their programs by showing how the program will meet their objectives.

Try. Contact AzTech to see how we can help you create an IMP/IMS during the RFP/RFQ phase or after contract award. The IMP/IMS architecture is the bedrock of an IMS, so it pays big dividends to define it as early as possible. 

Integrated Master Plan (IMP) or Program Oversight Schedule