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Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs)

Some consider the IBR a one or several day event, a necessary evil, or a contractual requirement for Earned Value compliance on large government contracts.

Or because it's smart business?

In reality, the IBR is an opportunity for the customer and contractor (plus major subcontractors) to: align objectives, gain a common understanding of issues concerning work scope and requirements, and agree to an achievable performance measurement baseline (PMB).

Identify, Quantify, and Mitigate Risks / Capture Opportunities

An IBR is an essential program management tool for identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks (or capturing opportunities) before executing complex programs or major phases of a program. AzTech can help government teams conduct an IBR, or help contractor teams prepare for and successfully complete the IBR process. AzTech's experience supporting IBRs will relieve the stress involved with the IBR Event itself. 

Instead, the IBR is first meant to focus on technical work scope and program risks. Second, the IBR should examine the schedule to assure it is a valid and effective management tool that depicts a meaningful program critical path. Third, the program team needs to align resources to the schedule. Fourth, the resources must be costed to arrive at achievable cost targets within available funding and contractual targets. Finally, the IBR addresses the major Earned Value Management (EVM) processes and artifacts to assess if there are management risks to executing the program.

AzTech's approach to supporting IBRs is to work with the program team to prepare and validate key artifacts that substantiate the adequacy of the baseline plan. In addition, we help train and mentor the team throughout the process to improve the baseline artifacts while provide ongoing assessments and corrective actions to mitigate any issues leading up to the IBR event.

Inquire. Contact AzTech today & let us help you make the IBR a tool that works for your program. Start a program, program phase, or major event with a fresh start & a meaningful, achievable baseline plan.