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IMS Assessment: 14 Points and More!

Because uncertainty in the schedule is keeping you up at night?

Because you are undergoing a Government or Customer review (IBR, SRA, JSR, Compliance Review, Critical Change, Nunn-McCurdy Breach)?

AzTech Solutions:

More than a Report, Scorecard, or Dashboard

Too many organizations are using schedule analysis tools to merely generate report cards or dashboards. The schedule "health" metrics become something to be feared, rather than indicators to be used to fix or improve the schedules. Even worse, many programs are now focusing on "beat the metrics" tactics that merely justify or excuse away poor scheduling practices, rather than dealing with ways to actually improve the schedules.

By contrast, AzTech's IMS assessments are geared toward detecting the pro's and cons in a schedule and then recommending concrete actions for improvement. These targeted recommendations can save the program team weeks or even months of effort. They can also mean the difference between successfully getting through government, customer, or internal reviews or paying the costs involved with tracking corrective actions to completion and undergoing subsequent reviews.

AzTech's Experience & Proven Track Record

AzTech has vast IMS and EVMS experience, working with both government and contractors. We are intimately familiar with government requirements and work very closely during our various support efforts to understand OMB, GAO, DCMA, DoD, Navy, Air Force, Army, and other expectations. Of course, the schedule requirements and reviews have become more stringent than ever, and industry has learned that a solid schedule makes all the difference in a program's success. AzTech’s assessments help the program team build a better schedule. We also do our best to coach and mentor the program team throughout our support, freely offering tips and tricks that help the program team, including the planners / schedulers, CAMs or IPTs, and Program and Business Managers get more from their schedules.

AzTech has a proven track record of helping large and complex organizations with the difficult task of building complex schedules, implementing EVM, and preparing for and successfully passing IBRs (including Schedule Risk Assessments, SRAs) and other compliance reviews. Our practical experience in the Contractor and Government sectors means that we bring real-world experience and knowledge that helps us better assess EVM and IMS data. We know how EVMS and IMS data should integrate, and we know the common findings from government reviewers. This knowledge also helps us to make recommendations or provide guidance on improvements.

Independent IMS Assessments

Remote analysis, assessment, and support, augmenting internal resources that are already spread thin. Some contractors are using our Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Assessments during the Proposal (RFP or RFQ) phase or prior to Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs) or EVMS Compliance Reviews. Our formal reports are comprehensive and include a detailed action list, rather than just a schedule health scorecard.

On-Site IMS Assessment Workshops

Includes items 1 through 8 shown on the AzTech Quote spreadsheet. From experience, we have found there is a pre and post-phase to the support for each IMS Assessment. The analysis ranges from reviewing and analyzing the schedule files, troubleshooting issues that might come up with MS Project or architecture questions about files structures, integrated or multiple files, field mapping and coding, etc. We also generate standard AzTech reports such as the one-page AzTech Stats Report and our Stoplight Report (shows a list of WBS elements, CAMs, IPTs, or other schedule sections with red, green, yellow “grades” for different schedule parameters. Another report is the AzTech BadBoys Report showing tasks that are “culprits” that, once fixed, resolve a number of issues. In other words, the "BadBoy" tasks have more “bang for the buck” if time is spent fixing those, rather than other tasks. There is also the AzTech Links report that show links to a major milestone or the logic in a section of the schedule. The latter report helps in resolving logic issues or improving the schedule logic to a major milestone like PDR, CDR, IOC, etc.

Inquire. Contact AzTech to see how we can help your organization or program conduct one-time or recurring IMS Assessments that truly enhance schedules and make them more effective management tools. There are two ways we can help you: