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AzTech International is seeking an EVM Data Analyst / SME to support a long-time client. Please see specific duties, factors, and requirements listed below. AzTech is seeking either an employee or contractor support EVM SME with a minimum of 8 years experience.


  • Performs professional work as an Earned Value Management (EVM) Data Analyst using operations research and/or data science expertise and skills. As the recognized expert in the application of operations research, data science and systems analysis techniques the incumbent applies operations research/data science theories, principles, methods and tools for identifying, defining and solving problems related to and based on earned value management.
  • Responsible for providing technical advice and assistance to the Project Management staff and in support of communication external to PM at site locations, related to earned value management, project performance management, and the organization’s project management information system.
  • Emphasis on ensuring contractors are loading to the project management information system as part of EVM reporting current, accurate, complete, repeatable, auditable and compliant data in accordance with organizational policy and guidance.
  • Reviews EVM performance data and provides assistance and assessment via assist visits, resource reviews, and deep dives into root cause analysis. Supports with development and deployment of organizational EVM policy, guidance, training and tools.


  1. Ensures Consistent, Efficient and Effective EVM Mission Execution
    • Utilizing professional operations research, mathematical, statistical, econometric or other data science knowledge, the EVM Analyst serves as the key member of the team to provide decision makers with sound, scientific, and quantitative information regarding EVM system compliance and project performance analysis.
    • Conducts analyses to identify and define problems, develop alternatives, provide cost information and develop plans within the larger framework established by organizational EVMS compliance and project performance relative EVM policy and performance goals.
    • Analyze and interpret applicable organizational guidelines, standards, and other documents to provide expert recommendations as to their proper application throughout programs, sites and projects.
    • Using EVMS inputs, the objective is to provide visibility into all cost and schedule data for program/project management use, with the assurance that the data is current, accurate, complete, repeatable, auditable and compliant data, and properly relates cost, schedule, and technical performance consistent with risks and reported variances and estimates to complete.
    • Incumbent’s evaluation includes determining accurate, effective, operational viability of site and project specific EVM performance data and compliance with organizational EVM policy.
    • The incumbent works independently or in small teams to solve complex problems, recommend solutions, identify actual or potential problem areas, trends, and similar factors, verifies and validates, through a systems approach, that established EVM performance indicators and compliance measures are accurate, compares actual accomplishment vs. planned accomplishment, flags a need for corrective actions through the sites and supports follow through on all actions.
    • The EVM Analyst’s expert advice encompasses use and interpretation of EVM policy, guidance, training, tools, and operations research/data science to ensure successful EVM system surveillance and EVM program analysis.
    • Must be familiar with standard cost/scheduling EVMS and cost/scheduling tools and be able to interpret standard EVM terminology such as budget at completion, estimate at completion, schedule risk assessment, Monte Carlo simulation, random seed methods, estimate to complete, measures of location and error, predictive forecast analysis, duration-based percent complete.
    • Identifies and defines opportunities for improvement and suggestions for alternative courses of action related to EVM mission execution. The incumbent helps to develop standard operating procedures that will be used to effectively and efficiently monitor policy execution.
    • Risk analysis will also be performed and included to help identify high and moderate risk areas to receive top priority for monitoring and follow up.
  2. Provides daily system Oversight and Support
    • Supports daily activities to monitor and review actions by field EVM tool users to ensure data being uploaded conforms to specifications in standards, Guides, Handbooks, Operating procedures, IPMR DID, and the Contractor Project Performance (CPP) upload documents. The tasks are repetitive with daily, monthly and quarterly requirements.  These include:
      • Supporting the quarterly Change Control activities in terms of research, presentation, and documentation
      • Daily review and validation of tool changes and material for completeness to include metadata and working to gain resolution in support of field analysts when additional information or detail is needed
      • Update of tool documents to include SOPs and system descriptions
      • Support the maintenance and update of the tool user interfaces, to include dashboards, reports, charts, and views.
      • Support PM analysts as a mentor or coach as needed on the use of organizational tools to help them maximize their use of the tools (this does not mean do their work for them)
      • Assist with ad-hoc training sessions and support monthly training sessions to provide continuous reinforcement of tool use
      • Support the monthly assessment of projects by the PM project analysts with routine processing of projects for reports and identifying recommendations for further analysis in conjunction with the analysts
      • Support the monthly report on projects at risk of breaching the Performance Baseline
      • Support quarterly project review for all projects at the organizational level
      • Support quarterly metrics reporting from organization to GAO.
      • Support PM leadership data requirements as part of a small team effort to include deep dive cost, schedule and risk analyses
      • Produce regular reports summarizing PM Portfolio assessment including Monthly/Quarterly Project Portfolio Status Report, Monthly Dashboard Report, and Root Cause Analysis – Corrective Action Report (Metrics).
      • Frequent ad hoc specialized reports requiring one-time analysis of tool data in various unique way.


Desired Knowledge Areas:

  • Mastery of EVM concepts and tools used by the incumbent to evaluate performance, knowledge of contracts and post-award procedures for complex cost and incentive type contracts to consider the effect of contract terms and conditions on settlement of award and/or incentive fees.
  • Expert knowledge of advanced economic, statistical, accounting, and financial analysis principles and techniques (e.g., regression analysis, learning curve analysis, probability) to analyze EVM data, reports and other technical documentation and to determine a given level of risk associated with the successful project execution.
  • Willingness to gain a thorough understanding of the EVM system surveillance and EVM program analysis policy, guidance, training and tools.
  • Expert knowledge of disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, operations research, cost and schedule analysis, economic analysis, data science and others as required for conducting analysis on EVM issues and systems in order to identify actual or potential problems areas.
  • Knowledge of contract performance management, requirements and procurement, and sufficient knowledge of related fields, to obtain and use advisory reports from contractors, engineering, production, audit, quality assurance and other specialists in order to establish EVM Mission Execution objectives independent conclusions and recommendations regarding procedures and systems relating to reporting, estimating, and executing internal procedures.
  • Understand, use, and develop, methods and tools for facilitating the analysis of EVM data and consider as a basis for recommendations. Mastery of and skill in applying advanced concepts, theories, principles, practices, methods, and techniques of EVM and operations research. Knowledge of other scientific disciplines (such as mathematics and program/project management) is desired. These capabilities are applied to the investigation, analysis, and evaluation of projects within the context of earned value management.
  • Expert knowledge of general business operations, practices, and concepts accounting, economics, management, and finance) applicable to a wide range of duties in the area of EVM sufficient to resolve complex problems requiring considerable ingenuity. This includes knowledge of how current business practices and market conditions relate to costs and project management.
  • Expert knowledge of cost performance reporting and management oriented audits in order to evaluate the application of EVM to project execution. This includes expert knowledge of supplier and/or government cost and pricing, ceilings, variances, and estimates to completion.
  • Knowledge of business and cost schedule analysis in order to appraise the adequacy of proposed or utilized EVM system surveillance or EVM program analysis procedures, techniques, methods, or assumptions. This includes the ability to evaluate management, operations, and financial policies and practices of sites and projects.
  • Knowledge and understanding of project/program management techniques and management systems to define data requirements and perform analysis on data received.
  • Ability to plan studies/analyses, including the ability to integrate the work of others into a comprehensive report. This includes the ability to give oral presentations and briefings to top management in both government and industry.
  • Skill in communications, using a variety of media formats, and presentation techniques to conduct conferences with various government personnel on EVM project execution.

Scope and Effort

  • The purpose of the work is to provide expert in-depth evaluation and independent analysis of project execution. The effects of the suppliers’ cost, accounting, material management, production, and scheduling sub-systems related to EVM systems and the incumbent’s evaluation and analysis are vital to mission accomplishment, affecting the organization’s missions worldwide.
  • The work involves determining the extent of evaluation required, advising PM analysts of the depth of technical reviews needed, and considering a variety of factors in formulating the basis of report findings and forecasted positions.
  • Assists in representing the organization at various EVM meetings, coordinates issues and communicates recommendations as appropriate.
  • Recommendations are accepted as authoritative and may directly affect mission accomplishment, schedule, and technical performance.
  • Decisions require independent analysis, in-depth knowledge of customer program goals and objectives, knowledge of a broad range of technical engineering and product assurance requirements, policies, and procedures.
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