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RFP: IMP/IMS Before Contract Award

The Customer (Government) Point of View on the IMP/IMS: Clear Guidance, Source Selection, and Readiness to Execute the Program

Before contract award, the customer wants to ensure their requirements and objectives will be clearly translated into an achievable program schedule within cost constraints. They also want relative consistency between competitor responses to facilitate comparisons during source selection. Including an IMP that details the major reviews and program deliverables in the RFP/RFQ solicitation can reinforce this consistency. There should be a clear expectation that each bidding company should elaborate on the IMP and the corresponding IMS. Each competitor's IMS included in the RFP/RFQ response provides a way to compare how well thought-out the detailed approaches are, both for near-term and far-term work. Is the near-term work sufficiently detail planned? Is the far-term planning granular enough to show a comprehensive understanding of the work scope through completion? Is the submitted IMS built using sound scheduling practices? How ready is this contractor to move into program execution?

The Contractor (Competitor) Point of View on the IMP: A Competitive Advantage

The IMP provides an opportunity to set customer expectations as to how the contractor should track progress and achieve deliverables. The contractor takes this draft IMP and expands on how they will meet the technical requirements, attempting to illustrate their well thought-out approach. The IMP is the foundation for the IMS: the better the IMP, the better the IMS. While developing the pre-award IMS, the contractor must assess the schedule and assure that it meets the increasingly high expectations driven by the GAO Cost Estimating Guide, DCMA 14-Point Assessment, and the new GASP. In today's environment, having a sound IMP/IMS is a competitive advantage that can demonstrate how ready the contractor is to successfully execute the program.

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