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ACE - AzTech Compliance Expert

The business landscape is evolving and contractors must be more proactive when it comes to data integrity. Looming government audits are a great catalyst for change, but every organization performs better when it manages with reliable and healthy data. ACE is the key to the health of a program's cost, schedule, and integration data.


Whether you are a Program Executive, Program Manager, Earned Value Management (EVM) Focal Point, or a Compliance Manager ACE provides the solution to make your team Audit-Ready! ACE also enables Business Managers, EVM / Finance Analysts, Planners/Schedulers, or Project Controls to find and fix data issues to proactively mitigate compliance risks.

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ACE 3 includes both automated and manual metrics

  • DCMA Data Driven Metrics: includes 100% of DCMA's published metrics (both automated and manual). Click here to read more about ACE compliance and performance metrics!
  • Trending: see program performance of key program health indicators over time.
  • New Flexible ACE Solution Model: ACE SaaS (Software as a Service) or ACE licenses
  • ACE on the Curve: Metrics are continually updated to remain in sync with future DCMA changes
  • Return-on-Investment: Time saved by automating metrics AND time saved by avoiding program reviews. Click here to learn more about ACE VOI vs. ROI!
  • Simple, Direct, and Flexible: User-friendly, intuitive interface, easy-to-learn, instant risk and issue identification

Why ACE...the AzTech Compliance Expert?

Wouldn't it be great to have an EVMS expert at your fingertips? One that can analyze and prioritize data integrity issues, while giving you the power to determine a resolution from a pick list of root causes? And what if you could do this at a fraction of the cost in time and effort?

Preparing for government audits is a burden to any project management organization. ACE prioritizes corrective action and helps your team make targeted improvements. ACE easily incorporateinto the monthly business rhythm, allowing your team to quickly assess and improve earned value and schedule data--before publishing monthly reports. 

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Newest Features:
  • Trending module - a feature sought after industry-wide has finally made its debut in ACE. Now users can see period to period the improvements ACE is helping make to their program.
  • DCMA Metrics - Full alignment with the latest data-driven automated & manual metrics.
  • Investigation Notes - Store comments as you address each tripped metric in ACE's Investigate module. Make ACE a one-stop place for corrective action planning and compliance risk mitigation and investigation. 
  • Robust Importing - Capable of pulling dozens of months of cost and schedule data from Excel, UN/CEFACT XML, and Oracle's Primavera P6 XML formats exported from most earned value and scheduling software.
  • Comprehensive Analysis - Includes over 140 metrics across the areas of scheduling, cost, and system integration.

    • Dynamic and Easy-to-Use Drill-Down Summaries - Quickly identify where to invest time in corrective actions at the program, control account, work package, schedule task, and CAM levels.
    • Key Performance Metrics - Snapshot of the overall performance, health, and general statistics for the program.
    • Current Status Pane - View counts of anomalies and Compliance Risks already tripped.


      • Investigation with AzTech's library of Data Maps - Gives any analyst the benefit of decades of earned value experience with over 700 root cause mappings aligned with potential Guideline trips.
      • Root Cause Investigation - Ability to walk through decision trees to uncover the root causes of metric trips.
      • Share - Data sets are easily shared with other ACE users in order to complete the Root Cause Investigation.


        • View at Various Levels - ACE assess one or a portfolio of programs from enterprise down to CAM level.
        • Compare - The Portfolio Module helps users easily compare an entire portfolio of programs to help determine overall health and systemic versus one-off problems. 


        • Trends - The Trending Module is where users gather insights into the performance of their programs over time, including metric significance, key budgetary values, variance, risks & anomalies, and indices. 

        Working with a team and need to share data among the group? Try ACE Reader!

        When combined with the power of the fully featured ACE Desktop, ACE Reader provides a great complement for those team members who may not run analysis, but need a tool to view the current risks. Also, use the ACE interface to present program overview status to upper management.

          Try. Whether you are a compliance professional or executing a project, ACE enables your organization to quickly and easily analyze data, prioritize risks, and investigate root causes. Check out our offerings and see how AzTech's tools can can help you improve performance.

          So, you may be can I try ACE?

          Contact our AzTech Tool Suite Hotline, we would happy to help assess your needs and schedule an ACE demo for you!


          Need more reasons to buy ACE, here are the top 5...

          1. Transform data integrity in a targeted and automated fashion.
          2. Easy importing that works with all earned value and scheduling tools.
          3. Helpful from top to bottom, from Project Manager to Analyst.
          4. Embedded knowledge trains analysts as they work.
          5. Built by earned value experts who have acted both as the auditor and the audited.

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