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ACE ROI (Return on Investment) - Most are familiar with the concept of ROI. Simply put, ROI focuses on direct cost savings and bottom line efficiencies that ACE provides the program and ultimately the enterprise.

ACE VOI (Value on Investment) - Value denotes the intangible benefits, like knowledge transfer, the effects on cultural change, and the ability to truly grow an in-house capability with the team.
  • ACE is a NOW solution that you can deploy for headquarters, hubs, or for high risk projects in parallel with, or before deploying to the larger enterprise. 
  • ACE can help get more done with current or even reduced team of Project Controls specialists.
  • ACE includes built in training via the encapsulated knowledge within the Data, Analyze, Risks, Investigate, and Portfolio modules. In particular, the Investigate module with an extensive root cause library effectively trains the team on the meaning of each metric and advanced root cause analysis. Even online training costs can range from several hundreds of dollars to even over one thousand dollars per user. ACE does not replace all EVMS training, but can greatly reduce the costs of in-house training for advanced EVMS data assessments. 

  • Become a leader in EVMS compliance for both internal and external surveillance.
  • Perform surveillance at reduced cost, with reduced effort / hassle, and with consistent, repeatable results.
  • Compare compliance risks across the portfolio and demonstrate improvements over time.
  • Identify one-time versus systemic data issues, determine magnitude or severity, and investigate root causes.
  • Elevate organization's EVMS knowledge, training, and capabilities with a common language and understanding of performance and compliance data.
  • Help the project team focus on performance (delivering scope, budget, and schedule) rather than on compliance (data health and anomalies).

ACE - AzTech Compliance Expert