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AzTech Command Center Terms & Conditions

The following outlines Terms and Conditions for the AzTech Command Center (ACC), and supports the provided proposal. All Terms and Conditions are contigent upon agreement of the ACC support outlined in the provided ACC proposal. 

ACC Logistics:
  • AzTech International, LLC is an approved client vendor (If Applicable).
  • AzTech shall sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for access to program data.
  • AzTech will provide a primary point of contact (POC) for ACC coordination.
  • Client shall contact AzTech POC to request support, as outlined in the provided ACC proposal.
  • AzTech POC will authorize the support (see Authorization section below).
  • AzTech may share / exchange client files and data using the following methods:
    • Password-secured file transfer using AzTech servers and file exchange tools (Secure FTP, etc.).
    • Password-secured CDs or DVDs shipped between offices via USPS, FedEx , UPS, DHL, or other approved carrier.
  • AzTech shall provide remote support via webinar(s), e-mail, and telephone.

  • Program Team Q & A Support requires no authorization, but hours will be tracked against an NTE.
    • Q & A Support will be limited to a maximum of 20 hours per month. 
  • Tasks with durations longer than 4 hours require e-mail approval from the AzTech POC prior to the work commencing. This allows for effective management of the NTE and the prevention of scope creep. Scope outlined and defined within the ACC proposal.
  • Scope outside of the ACC proposal, or unauthorized by the AzTech POC, requires a separate Purchase Order.

  • Each ACC Firm Fixed-Price (FFP) agreement is based upon a cost estimate of the proposed scope. This includes a blend of Analyst and Senior support to optimize ACC budget and efficiency for AzTech clients.
  • ACC scope will be determined and agreed upon within the proposal, allowing flexibility and custom support depending upon client requirements. 
  • AzTech will manage project performance and provide clients with periodic updates.
  • AzTech will notify clients when budget meets the 75% spent threshold.
  • Should AzTech estimate a significant project under run, the client will promptly be notified of the estimated under run amount. At this time, AzTech will meet with the client to outline potential areas to bolster scope, provide additional support, and / or determine an agreed upon path forward.
  • AzTech will invoice monthly, unless an alternative invoicing schedule is agreed upon within the proposal.

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