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EVMS Joint Surveillance Reviews (JSRs) GURU

Why? Go from Audit-Panic to Audit-Ready. Most organizations & programs have their hands full with routine program management & execution. When a JSR or other review comes around, program teams often struggle--or even panic--in an attempt to merely "pass" the review or to minimize the damage. AzTech's strategy with these kinds of reviews is to help organizations & programs go from audit-panic mode to audit-ready mode. This means working with the program team to understand the underlying, root causes for one-time or recurring issues, then help address them once & for all. This is not easy to do, but a thoughtful approach to preparing for a JSR or similar review will pay dividends for the program & organization. AzTech works with the program management office & provides training, mentoring, & coaching to review, assess, & address any process, data, or training issues. We help coach Program Managers, Integrated Product Team leads, Control Account Managers (CAMs), & Supply Chain Managers, plus the analysts, planners, & schedulers who support them to confidently demonstrate their best effort to manage using Earned Value.

Inquire. Contact AzTech today & let us help you prepare for & successfully conduct a JSR or other important internal or external review. Also, let us help you prepare & implement corrective actions to resolve one-time or recurring issues.

EVMS Joint Surveillance Reviews (JSRs)